Mini Games, Big Events

Pocket Arena is a specialised mobile gaming marketing solution that targets and engages global audiences through mini-games and localised in-game events.

Proven Success

2.5x Higher Engagement Rate

Unlike others, our advertising solution has proven to bring an impressive engagement rate of 33%, compared to the average rich media ad engagement rate of 12.5%.

How do we do it? Read on and you can see how our innovative solution works.

Our Products

Branded Mini-games

We transform brands into fun, interactive HTML5 branded mini-games and distribute them across multiple mobile channels, reaching any desired target audience
  • HTML5 – allows every branded mini-game to be available on all operating systems, all over the world
  • Targeted – reach desired demographics through our localised promotions
  • Meaningfully Engage – more effective than any other mobile ad method

Local Mobile Game Competition

Our weekly in-game events let users compete for high scores and real prizes, sponsored by brands.
  • Monetise – An additional, fuss-free revenue stream for your app instantly
  • Retain –  Reward gamers during in-game events and see them return time and time again
  • Increase visibility- Cross-promote games worldwide and make your game stand out

How it works


In-game competition is on! A push notification will be sent to users to inform them about the latest event.


Users play the game and send challenges to each other. The more wins they earn, the more chance they can claim a prize.

Score Booster

After the game ends, users have the choice to boost their score or earn special items by playing a branded mini-game.

Win Prizes!

Extra points or special items earned! It’s super speedy, with a massive score improvement as the result.

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